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ScredIn markets cybersecurity software and services dedicated to digital engineering. Our applications specialize in the automated encryption and decryption of engineering data, including data from collaborative processes such as PLM, BIM and CIM, from the design phase through to realization.

Cybersecurity dedicated to engineering

Our history

ScredIn, an innovative initiative born within the Ingérop group, specialized in engineering and construction, winner of the Ingérop IN3 innovation program in 2019.

This expertise in engineering and construction has guided us in the development of cybersecurity solutions designed specifically for engineers.

Our software combines advanced technology with an intuitive user interface, ensuring perfect compatibility with the day-to-day requirements of engineering professionals.

"In engineering, digital mock-ups generate a large volume of highly sensitive data, particularly during the design phases of construction projects.
At ScredIn, our innovation focuses on automation and ease of implementation of digital security, to alleviate the main challenge in cybersecurity: human error. "

Innovation and trust at the heart of cybersecurity

With ScredIn, you’re choosing more than just a cybersecurity solution; you’re opting for a reliable, innovative partner in digital protection. Our strength? A deep commitment to innovation, tailored to the specific challenges of engineering for industry and construction.

ScredIn stands out in the cybersecurity landscape for its tailor-made solutions, designed to respond effectively to the unique needs of the engineering sector. Our approach is based on an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges faced by engineering professionals, guaranteeing solutions that are robust, intuitive and tailored to the business.

Certifications and commitments

Trust is at the heart of our approach. We are committed to offering transparent, qualified solutions in line with the most stringent European regulations. Our teams, based in France, work closely with national cybersecurity workgroups ( GIFEN) to ensure appropriate responses and work with partners qualified by the relevant authorities, such asANSSI.

Our products don’t just meet technical requirements; they are designed to ensure compliance and safety in an ever-changing regulatory environment. With ScredIn, you benefit not only from appropriate protection, but also from assured compliance with European standards, particularly with regard to sensitive data and the secure management of engineering projects (BILM, CIM, PLM).

Your partner for innovative cybersecurity solutions

Our solutions not only meet today’s challenges, but also anticipate those of tomorrow.
We’re your partner for serenely navigating the complex world of engineering cybersecurity, ensuring the security of your digital assets, those of your customers, and above all, peace of mind – and that’s priceless.

Our values


At ScredIn, innovation is our driving force. We are constantly developing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, specifically tailored to the realities of the engineering, industry and construction sectors, guaranteeing our customers access to the most reliable and robust technologies.


In a constantly evolving technological environment, ScredIn stands out for its remarkable adaptability. We customize our solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer, while remaining flexible and responsive to rapid changes in the industry.


Data security and customer protection are at the heart of everything we do. At ScredIn, we are committed to providing solutions that meet the highest standards of cybersecurity. Our products are regularly audited and tested for new threats, ensuring optimum protection reliability.


we rely on active collaboration to build cybersecurity solutions that make a difference. Working hand-in-hand with our customers and partners, we develop tools that not only meet their specific needs, but also enhance collaboration within their teams, promoting productivity and safety.

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