Our Solutions for Securing Restricted Distribution Data

What is restricted distribution data in the context of BIM?

Restricted distribution data refers to sensitive information related to a construction or engineering project. This can include detailed plans, technical specifications, or any other critical information that, if disclosed, could compromise the security, privacy, or competitiveness of the project. Thus, these data require a high level of security to prevent any unauthorized access or sharing.

Data encryption solutions for collaborative engineering projects

ScredIn’s solutions simplify secure collaboration by automating the encryption and decryption process of BIM data. Our softwares automatically verify the identity of users accessing sensitive data, ensuring secure access and automatic decryption. Once the user is done, the data is automatically re-encrypted, reducing the risks of human errors and allowing team members to focus on their work without cybersecurity concerns.

Why choose ScredIn?

Access Management

Automatically check user identity when accessing sensitive data, ensuring secure access.

Encryption Automation

Automatically manage the encryption and decryption of BIM data, optimizing collaboration within your teams.

Security & Time Saving

Reduce human error and allow employees to focus on their work, while guaranteeing cybersecurity in the background.

Anticipate Regulatory Changes

  • The NIS2 regulations, which come into force on October 18, 2024, will make the cybersecurity mandatory for restricted distribution data.

  • Our encryption and data security solutions are perfectly aligned to meet the requirements of NIS2 directive.

  • Get a head start by adopting our cybersecurity tools now to ensure compliance of your restricted distribution data.

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