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Protect digital assets right from the design stage with automated cybersecurity for engineering data.

Our partnerships

Cybersecurity softwares

Integrate our data protection softwares that are dedicated to engineering projects.

Courses & cyber culture

Benefit from our training on cybersecurity fundamentals and risk identification.

Consulting & Implementation

Choose our specialized consulting to develop and establish a cybersecurity strategy for your projects.

Data management

Govern access to your data with our contributor rights management services.


Benefit from a suite of solutions that automatically secure your data, from creation to maintenance.

Automate data security

ScredIn technology manages the encryption and decryption of your data automatically and transparently, freeing the user from any intervention.

Focus on your core business

ScredIn's automation allows you to fully focus on your core business, saving time and eliminating the stress related to data security.

Stay Up-to-Date with Standards

Scheduled to come into effect on October 17, 2024, the NIS2 directive will impact over 150,000 French companies and organizations. Companies will have to adopt strict measures, including data encryption, to improve their cybersecurity.

cybersécurité pour l'ingénierie et a construction : gestionnaire de mots de passe
branches de cybersécurité dans l'ingénierie

What is it?

ScredIn offers a set of solutions that automate the encryption and decryption of your 3D digital model data in BIM, CIM, and PLM processes, from design to maintenance.

Ingénierie numérique dans la construction

For whom?

Our software is aimed at all players in engineering and construction who wish to easily secure the digital data of projects, 3D models, anonymize IFC model data, without impacting the user’s daily routine.

Identification par empreinte cybersécurité

Why ScredIn?

We are the only ones to automate the encryption and decryption of data in BIM processes. This automation secures data without manual intervention, eliminating the risk of human error and allowing teams to focus on their tasks.

What you'll gain

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Automatically encrypt and decrypt your BIM models for optimal security and complete peace of mind.

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Standardize cybersecurity across all your projects for uniform and consistent protection.

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Easily integrate our solution into your existing tools for a smooth transition to enhanced security.

The Reality of Cyber Threats Today

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