[ Etape 01  |  Hacking  console  – Version 10.01.666 ]

cd BIM Models
C:/BIM Models
deploy virus

[ Etape 02  |  Hacking  console – Version 10.01.666 ]

cd Server
encrypt all

Please wait, ransom request in process…

Can you anticipate this scenario?

Will you take the risk of exposing your BIM projects to a cyber attack when a solution exists?


Our software was created for all BIM actors wishing to secure or anonymise 3D models and associated data easily and quickly, without any particular knowledge of cyber security.

Technological partnership

An ANSSI certified solution


An easy use for a simplified and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity

Our automated encryption and decryption processes facilitate the security of 3D digital models produced in the BIM (Building Information Modeling) process.

Project owners guarantee the cybersecurity of their digital assets as well as the reliability and cyber resilience of their Industrial and Real Estate assets by securing the BIM process of their projects.

Contractors, architects, engineering offices and other BIM contributors secure their own digital assets as well as those of their clients and partners by encrypting their data.

Autodesk REVIT is a brand of the publisher Autodesk


The only automated cybersecurity solution dedicated to the BIM process and collaborative digital engineering!

To facilitate the encryption and decryption of Revit models, we automated the cybersecurity process with a Plugin integrated into Autodesk Revit.
But we didn’t stop there! We analyzed the uses of BIM contributors. To meet the interministerial directives on information systems security, we automatically organized a secure workspace on workstations.
This “protected” area allows 3D models and any other document to be decrypted for work within the business applications. Native and temporary files are fully secured during their use.
Once the work is done, ScredIN DESKTOP automatically re-encrypts your data!

Anonymization of equipment within the IFC models before their distribution

Management of IFC models anonymization

  • Customization of data anonymization
  • Information partitioning
  • Access by user profiles and accreditation levels
  • Encrypted and anonymized sharing of IFC models

The only automated cybersecurity solution dedicated to the BIM process and collaborative digital engineering!

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